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The following post should be read in a cockney accent because I said so. (And it sounds cooler in your head)

As fun as it is going into the city to twirl, it does tend to be a pain in the arse to sit on the train for the good part of an hour and then have to leave by midnight or fork out the $6 that we might not always have for the night rider back home.
I think there should be some twirling done around my neck of the woods, damnit! Anyways, I'd like to start up a little gathering of my own, (how diplomatic of me), I'd like to see some expressions of interest of folk who would be able to play on a Thursday night at Samuel Sherlock Reserve (the oval on the back of Frankston TAFE) On Cranbourne Road. Melways, Map: 102 G.R: E2.
Before I turn up and play with myself (I probbably could have worded that a little better) could interested folk either reply to this post or email me. For those of you who cant find the "Email Phuhzzzie Wuhzzzie the good robot" button here's my email:

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Posted:Not quite far south enough for me at the moment. I live near phillip Island.... bout an hour drive south of the location you propose.

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Posted:Hrm, i AM on the frankston line... but last time I went down that area, I had a rather bad experience with some "homie wogs mate with their doof doof music and theyre two buck ho's" who didnt like my appearance.

And in the city, people who dont like my appearance are usually afraid of me.. that or the people who look threatening, i tend to know

In my case, I'm thinking its more of a safety issue on my half. Frankston scares the bejeeberz out of me

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