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Posted:broken foot blues
i broke my foot last week now i just realised how much it realy sucks cos i can't spinn poi, well i can sort of can, but i never realised how much i actuly us my feet when spining.
oh well

its funnie though, People think that is amzing that i can do crazy things like spin fire, walk on stilts and juggle knives with out hurting ( not all at the same time) myself but i can then break my foot jogging round a camp site.

any who just thought i'd share some of my lack of poi spinning abbility.

ps on the bright side i got my horribly annoying braces of to day. yay .

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Posted:aww poor broken missie.
hope you get better soon, if its any consolation one of our house mates in our poihouse has a walking disorder, shes bouncing around more than ever and she can hardly walk or stand for short periods.


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speedy recovery thoughts being sent your way!

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Posted:What a bummer!

Good luck with a speedy recovery.

Peace Love and Light

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Posted:sit on a stool, relitivly low to the ground for balance, and spin that way. You are limited to some things but you can still spin.

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Posted:Sending back massage vibes your way!

-Mike )'(
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