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Posted:maybe it is just me, but let me run this one by all of you shining and insightful people...

does anyone ever feel pain or discomfort from learning a new move? im not talking about any physical type of sensation. this is a mental, and maybe some emotional pain that im referring to. let me explain.

imagine back to the day when you first picked up poi. when you first began, and began devoting yourself to learning. each move was difficult, many of the steps so challenging and meant such a victory when we finally learned them. i still remember these days clearly, especially the butterfly and its inevitable cross and crash to the groin time and time again. i remember the feeling of learning each new move.

i am not that much of a technical firedancer, so it would seem that i would have move after move after move to learn and move onto. but i dont really have the time to learn all these technical things right now. in a way this is a benefit because of insights like these. i have recently learned several new moves, thanks to a frog bringing talent and inspiration from europe over here. learning these did not cause any discomforting feeling to arise. but not 10 minutes ago i sat down to practice a move that has been a nemesis of mine for 2 months, and i understood it for the first time. i figured it out.

rather than bounce and be so excited with glee, i had a definite painful moment come up where i just lowered my hands and felt this. what is interesting is that looking back through the beginning poi memories, mixed in with the excitement, there was a bit of this pain. and i guess it is not pain in a negative sense. there is also a sense of accomplishment. maybe even just a foreshadowing of impending change at some deeper level. does that make sense?

what do you feel when you learn a new move? is it always excitement, or great sense of accomplishment? anyone ever experience a yeah, finally? damn what the hell was wrong with me before, why was i stuck in such habit type of feeling? genuinely curious.

now with all that said...

to everyone


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Posted:Wait a second before i start.
If you are talking about that feeling you
get when you figure out a move and look back at the time you were trying land it and say...
"Well duh, how come i did't get this before it is so easy...."

coz if you did i too have had that feeling...
When i learned "the chase/weave"
i sat and thought...
i'm so stupid and this is so easy, right over left up swing, left over right down swing...

And yet when you do finish learning a move a sense of rapture flip over your mind, and you think only one word..."sweet"
(well i do anyways...)
and then moving on to another move it is like
"omagod!. that is a hard mofo!"
(yet again, i do anyways)

But then finally you get to that last trick,
and you nail it, and you look over the period of learning and think..."Wow, this is so awesome.
i know that one and that one..."

so in conclusion i say.
keep it up, it's is really easy when you get the hang of it.

if this is a stupid post that dosen't suite your question ask me and i will delete it....

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