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Posted:All day on Thanksgiving and currently all this weekend Bravo is featuring Cirque

11:30 AM Aeros

1:00 PM Cirque du Soleil's. We Reinvent the Circus

2:00 PM Cirque du Soleil’s. Alegria

4:00 PM Run Before You Can Fly: A Portrait of Cirque du Soleil

5:00 PM Cirque du Soleil’s. Dralion™

7:00 PM Cirque du Soleil's. Nouvelle Experience

8:00 PM Circus of the Sky

9:00 PM Circus of Tomorrow

11:00 PM Circus of the Sky

12:00 AM Circus of Tomorrow

4:00 AM Bravo Profiles: Penn & Teller


11:00 AM Circus of the Sky

8:00 PM Cirque du Soleil's. Quidam

10:00 PM Cirque du Soleil's. Nouvelle Experience

11:00 PM Cirque du Soleil's. Quidam

Also,On Bravo Cirque du Soleil's-Fire Within

Premieres January 6 at 9/8c
This Bravo original reality series offers an intimate look into the lives of a core group of characters involved in the creation and launch of Varekai, the most recent live production from this world famous organization. The series begins eight months prior to opening night, and it remains to be seen how those on stage and those working behind the scenes will deal with the incredible physical and emotional demands made on them. Who will be strong enough to survive the challenging process and, more importantly, who won't?

Bravo TV

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Posted:ai, yes! i have commissioned my parents to record as many of them as possible. i didnt see O on the list, but i believe they told me it was going to air. i want to see O more than the rest of them. just saw quidam while they were in town last week, and it was amazing. however, O... i am just awed by the little that i saw in the video they had playing.



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Posted:Ironically Bravo is a soft porn documentary channel in the UK


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Posted:They actually do this quite often. The Bravo website usually gives advanced notice on this. I have to say though, I really didn't appreciate Circus of the Sky. I liked the jugglers but it's just didn't do it for me. I found that realization that I am picky about my circus fancy to be interesting. It seems as I grow my tastes are as well. Hmmm....

They showed Walkyries (a fire spinning group, sort of) in one of documentaries on the history of CDS.
The tv show is already available for download on the net!
Circus of the Sky had a girl doing low turns with fire poi as a background effect at one point.

DOH! I missed Penn and Teller dammit! Anyone get that on tape or know if it'll air again?

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Posted:i was wondering cos bravo is a very very dodgy channel in the uk (notched only by granada's men & motors)and is mroe likely to show jennifer steele than cirque ...

on another note, my brother trained with cirque du soleil when he was younger in canada and nearly made the kiddy section of the troope. But he got bored. So I thought Id just steal their name instead!!


sol x



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