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Posted:MS06-002 Vulnerability in Embedded Web Fonts Colour Allow Remote Code Execution (908519)

ubblol ubblol ubblol i mean really you have to wonder how they manage to "accidently" leave in so many vunerabilities ..... i mean really viewing a special font on a website should NOT be a security hazard.

if an engineer builds a building and it falls down causing lots of damage the engineer gets sued yet microsoft comprehmises countless computers resulting in data theft and general computer vandelism yet somehow they arnt held responsible? sure some genius kid who manages to come up with some uber complicated obscure exploit fine thats one of those things u cant prevent but fonts!!!!! wtf

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Posted: Written by: MiG

Neither mac, nor linux, have support for the games that i play that i know of.

Actually it almost the other way round. Linux (and therefore OS X) supports openGL and it wouldn't be hard too for games to be ported to either system (half life 2 works on linux thought wine for exapmle). However most games are build on MS software that isn't open, so other systems can't even try to make them playable.

This comes down to open vs closed source: If it's all open then everyone can work to support it, if it's closed then no one can do anything apart from the people who make the games and they don't want to because most people use windows. Catch 22 I know, but it could be solved by games using open software.

Cole, Apple are ahead on the UI at the moment, but then they are a smaller company that can do something like that. Changing the UI of windows will always be a slow thing to do, and seeing as apple bring out about 4 OS's in the time MS do 1 they have more chance to change.

When it comes to looks people will always copy trends. Fashon does it all the time, as do web sites. I follow web design trends a lot and you can see people taking an idea and changing it a little for what they want.

I thank that a UI designer who does user tests in to what people like will find more or less the same thing no matter who they work for. This is one time that I don't think MS are really all the bad - they are just behind a bit.

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Posted:Microsoft have long been the evil owners of everything there even branching on to mac systems (boot camp i think they called it) i am just wondering how long it will be before they try to claim they own the internet... Personaly Other then the moral factor of them which is a big thing for me i think the only problem with the windows system is there explorer.exe program its the nice little program that gives you a start bar and internet explorer I make a point of closing it every time i log on and just using control alt delete in order to run programs. mind you it helps that i have a program called ares that allows you a web browser libary media centre and chat room to run from one program basicly everything i need from a os

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