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Posted:We just had a survey here in New Zealand and Ambulance officers and fire officers came out as being two of the most trusted professions. I do not know who was the last on the list, maybe politicians??

What about School teachers, Doctors, Lawyers, Tradesmen?
Do you trust them in general where you live (not just one or two)

I trust these people in my local area

Fire= 95%
Ambulance= 95%
Police= 50%
School teacher= 50%
Lawyers= 50%
Doctor= 25%
Tradesmen= 15%
Car sales person= 10%
Politicans= 0.03% (on a good day)

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Mumma Hen
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Posted:I trust Ambo's ( my dad was one for years and saved so many peoples lives)
and firey's...
I DO NOT trust physiotherapists..(The one I have at the moment is satan Im sure) or lawyers, or car sales people...or managers at call centers (they always reckon it will be done but it never is)

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Doc Lightning
Doc Lightning

HOP Mad Doctor
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Posted:TRUST: Teachers, Clergy (unless Southern Baptist Televangelist), Civil Rights Lawyers, Environmental Lawyers, firefighters, airline pilots, most scientists, and politicians (just kidding!)

DON'T TRUST: Doctors (that surprise you?), Lawyers other than those mentioned above, cops, any sort of bureaucrat or administrator, car salesmen, and anyone working for a government agency (I trust soldiers, though).

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Raymund Phule (Fireproof)
Raymund Phule (Fireproof)

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Posted:I dont trust electricians! *runs away before Malcolm finds a way to zap my arse from 10,000 miles away hehe*

Just kidding man

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flash fire
flash fire

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Posted:I don't trust moderators or site administrators. They are BAD NEWS.

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Posted:Never trust a used car sales man - I went out with one for 18 mths.. some of the things he would say

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Posted:Car Garage Engineers.

Every time I take my car to be serviced I can sense they are taking me as some kind of fool. Throughout the day they will ring me up having found other things that need doing. I don't trust them but I don't have any other way to be assured my car is safe.

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the henna lady
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Directors, Teachers, Firemen, Nurses, EMT's,

Don't Trust:

Politicians, Salesmen, Lawyers, Doctors, Producers (except Jim Greene! ), Managers, Mechanics

I am split on:

Artists/Performers, Technical/Engineery people, Police, Journalists

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Posted:I am almost a teacher (only a couple a months to go!), nice to know that we are trusted as a proffession, you are very brave in doing so!!!

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Posted:hey, and i cant even spell! 'profession!!!'

Make your own happiness by making others happy [Ikeda]

*they used to read me stories, as though my dreams were boring*

Mand's Girl....and The Not So Shy One
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Posted:Trust: Fire, EMT's, Some teachers, my personal doctor, most scientists (I am one..geologist)

Don't trust: Any politician, any lawyer, televangelists

split on: police (depends on what state/city), performers, other doctors

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