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Im a poier (obviously) but i started off with some really horrid poi that where realli hard and bruised wen i hit myself but i hav recently got my girlfreind into poi and her birthday is coming up shortly (da 21st) so i need to get some cheap poi fast that looks good, she likes pink and anything that is trippy, iv already brought her a present and dont have much money or time so i was wondering if anyone has any advise on what would be good beings dat some other poiers might have some different ideas then me and as far as im concerned the more ideas i can get the betta (girl poiers who like pink and trippy things id like to hear ur veiws) I think that this will cheer her up alot because dopcters thik she might be anemic (if i can spell) so were both worried so i think that some good soft poi will help her take her mind off it .... thanks weavesmiley ubblove

JayKittyGOLD Member
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My sister got the pink fluffy poi from this site for her birthday. They don't hurt at all and look pretty funky. They're REALLY fluffy. Go for it, I think she'll like them, they're decently cheap too.

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SkulduggeryGOLD Member
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I have some fluffy poi from HoP they are cool. I also have some of Gayles cone poi. she can make them in any trippy fabric you like (pretty much). Take a look at what she has to offer at Hyperloop.

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jinx-raverbirdSILVER Member
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have you tryed the mouse beanbag poi, they are really soft to.

good luck i hope it all gose well ....

that will b alrite!

Gayle......!SILVER Member
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The fluffy ones aren't very "trippy" though. I would say that the pink hologram poi that i do would suit her down to the ground.


jinx-raverbirdSILVER Member
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Location: Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

ummm hologram poi, need to see them....

that will b alrite!

SquintywitchSILVER Member
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How about nice squashy glow poi? I think you can get beanbag ones (called Globallz?) from Firetoys though I don't know how durable they are...

Matty_BSILVER Member
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After personal use of globallz i would not recommnend them, mine are a pain to turn on and off and if the hit anything then they are likely to turn off mid spin....

I would suggest, either buying some pink socks and filling them with lentils, or as Jaykitty and skully suggested buy some from HoP, or speak to gayle about her poi , she has made some super fluffy ones that are cool....

DrBooBRONZE Member
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There are some cute pink glow "hedehog" poi on the market:

Non-Https Image Link

Anti-gravity, Oddballs, and (my favourite, for the name alone) ballsulike sell them.
I wasn't keen on the strings that came with them, but they clip off, and other may think they're ok anyway.
They're very cool, spin well, and don't hurt too much!

Boo x

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shaping_lightSILVER Member
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Tell your girlfriend a very happy birthday!!! Only very special peoples are born on that day ubbrollsmile
I really hope someone buys me some nice new poi too ubbrollsmile

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GnorBRONZE Member
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sock poi..

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Nephtysresident fridge magnet
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I know you only have a couple of days till her birthday, but make something yourself: cheaper, and far more personal!

PM me if you want an idea for a design.

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Brian:-)BRONZE Member
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"begginer poi for girlfreind"

Sounds like a fair swap!
If she is nice I will give you a set of juggling balls as well!


Hairy TaitBRONZE Member
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Non-Https Image Link

Seriously though, go to the shops and get yourself a good colourful pair of socks and a couple of tennis balls.........

Bob's your uncle Fanny's a rude word...... you've got yourself (or your girlfriend) a pair of sock poi......

Cheap as Chips and more personal..........

Fluffy Poi look like fun though...... weavesmiley

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IgirisujinSILVER Member
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What did you end up going for carnival?

Hmm matty you know I have two pairs of glowballz and they are really great, the most durable pairs of poi I have (aside from my tails) and the led unit is perfectly well behaved for me bad luck with ur pair I guess. The only problem with them is washing them isnt possible frown...or is it?

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Oh yeah.. washing your glowpoi is possible.

Just put them in waterproof sealeable bags so that the water wont affect with the electric circuits, and pop them in the washing machine along with your usual load.


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