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Posted:Hurrah!!! Horray!!! Just booked at cheapy flight to Prague! It was only 50 return!
There may be some left if anyones interested, you have to fly from Bristol uk and take it before 13th of Feb 03. go to www.easyjet.com

Anyone got any good advice about Prague? Where to go? What to do? etc Have already booked accomodation in a hostel (only 9 per night!) Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Posted:Sorry Tambo never been there but from what I hear you'll have a ball if your carefull.

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Posted:Hummm......I am wondering about the weather, and if it will be really cold. I imagine Prague all icey and sparkling with pointy, gothic buildings, I am not too bothered about the weather as long as it does not rain.

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Posted:If you have the time and the money tke a trip into the mountains.
They're stunning.

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Posted:TAMBO - Im from Prague.Write all your questions!!!
If you can,I show you all best of ,nice clubs,parks .And my experiences with Poi!!

9 per night - Im cheeper hotel:D


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Posted:Tambo, have a lovely time in Prague. it's a really amazingly, beautiful city. Check out some black light theater. And if you have time go to the bone church in Kutna Hora. Its about a 2 hour bus ride out of the city and then you have to walk a bit, but its quite a weird and interesting site.

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Posted:I have a friend who spent a lot of time in Prague and adored it. You are going to have so much fun my lovely

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Posted:I have been to Prague, spent about 9 days there...it has got to be the best city I have been to, it is beautiful, check out the architecture and interiors of the metro stations, amazing! Beautiful women, nice food and the BEST BEER IN THE WORLD-Staropramen! Have a ball!

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Posted:We are only there for 4 days as it was a bit of a spontanous holiday when we saw the cheap flights in the paper. I have bought a lonely planet guide and it certainly looks fantastic!

We have been wanting to go to Prague for ages, but been too sensible and said we cannot afford it, but for 200 for both flight and accomodation you cannot go wrong!

I went to a couple of bone chapels when I was in Portugal last summer, one was in Evora and it was really really weird!
I wonder what other countries have them.