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Location: The Peach Kingdom

Wondering how many others on here are Myspace plague victims. lol

Also, started a group on there called G.P.S - The Spinning Network.

S.taff & spinning.

If you're interested, I'd only be too happy to have more people in the group. Mainly, this group focuses(sp?) on the Atlanta Ga, region, but it's open to any who are, once again, interested.

jo_rhymesSILVER Member
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i think there's a myspace thread already, but yes lots of us are on it! there's a HoP group on there if you look and you'll find a fair few of us on there biggrin

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Location: The Peach Kingdom

I couldn't find the Myspace thread, my appologies if this is a repeat.

*wanders off to punch a nun, and then find the HoP page*

roarfireSILVER Member
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[Old link] wink

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_Aime_SILVER Member
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I hate myspace with a passion.
Hate hate hate it.
I much prefer smile

mtbeerGOLD Member
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Ugh, anyone who writes a large scale system like myspace using Cold Fusion has a few screws loose. It's hard to imagine how many servers they must have just to support that beast.

I like myself, or the new myspace X rated clone xpeeps devil

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KaelGotRiceGOLD Member
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hahah you know it's bad when you created the HoP myspace group.

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lol I'll check it out. I couldn't find the HoP group the first try, but my net is sorta screwed up atm.

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JayKittyGOLD Member
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Well HoPers are a strange breed, but I wear my membership like a badge ^_^ Joining a myspace HoP group sounds shibby.

Don't mind me, just passing through.

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Location: The Peach Kingdom

Considering you all, myself now included, are called HoPers, I'd have to agree.

Damn poi frogs. biggrin

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