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clap wow

You'll find more posts to more links to video clips in every post I make in this thread - Look out for 3 angels angel angel angel


Todays video for your pleasure:

Baton twirling - Sheryl Welykholowa, Jill Ford, Stacy Singer - Triple Threat

Linky linky

Details: On stage probably 2002 . A super tight performances from world champion standard baton twirlers.

Amazingly talented trio including Stacy Singer doing monster rolls - a move apparently invented for her and remamed matrix by the edinburgh staff twirlers.

See Glitzy stuff, 3 baton juggling, contact sequence and some qualilty strutting about.

If you like this, make a post below. If you have any requests, I can post them too. biggrin

Dr Ew rolleyes

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