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My first Poi vid, first intented for ben-ja-men's Xmas sery idea, but after watching the final product I revisited my judgement and decided not to release it publicly. (cause it wasn't so impressive, and I had no Xmas hat)

Yet it allowed me to see the flaws of my spinning and a few video-tech tricks that will be helpful for my future performances, so I recently re-revisted my judgement and made it available so hopefully you guys could spot additional stuff I should take care of.

It seems I'm having trouble keeping a neat symetry when spinning (especially when enlarging windmills and such). I'll have to check whether I am having the same problem with my Fire Poi in a next vid, ah and need to cut down transitions as well (especially with flowers). And the auto focus - aaaargh, I KNEW about this one yet forgot to de-activate it !

Featuring a sunset (with no actual sun in it as it's hidden in the mist, but it's there, right behind me, promise) and a couple of cameroon's finest beaches.

14 megs, AVI DivX.


(undirect link, click the 'Download' button)

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The link throws me to
, cant find any Download-buttons.

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Ooops sorry. It's fixed.

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Thanks for sharing the vid.. it's always nice to see fresh stuff. Symmetry is very difficult, I believe, to get clean without a decent amount of practice. I don't think it'll be quite so apparent in a fire spin due to the lines of the cords really pointing it out, which aren't so visible in a fire spin.

Your stances look natural and comfortable while spinning.. I'm gonna have to work on the wide leg stances.. I think it would improve my body language while spinning, thanks for showing me smile. The silhouette clips looked very nice. The full light beach spinning portions were very hard to see what was going on, due to lighting and zoomed out too far, the Poi just seemed kinda lost in the image..

Lookin forward to more...

Definition of poi- A Hawaiian food made from the tuber of the taro that is cooked, pounded to a paste, and fermented.

Ahnold discussing poi - "It is naht a toober!"

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Great video, I didn't notice any problems with symmetry, but then again, we're all our own worst critics.

I loved that swing the leg right around turn at 0:37, and that stall/wrap at 0:50 is simply amazing,,never seen that one before.

Looking forward to your next one

@ Suiboom, I know what you mean by the wide stance, ever since Yuta, I've been secretly walking around here like some sort of sumo wannabe