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Posted:Hey pele. you said you get 5+ burns out of your towel wicks. Im curious of how you make them.I wrap some cotton wool around wire. then roll the cotton wool/wire in some towel. the wire then folds up from the middle at the bottom and then attatches to it self in a loop. which then attatces to your chain.How do you make yours?How tightely do you roll the towel?I've found with my first sets i made i was wrapping them a bit too tight, (similar tightness as with kevlar wicks), Id get 5 burns out of them but they'ed only last about 5 minutes each burn. i found if i wrapped them looser, it's not uncommon to get burns of 15+minutes.
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but they'ed completely burn to nothing after one burn
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cheers, oh, how much towel do you use per wick. i use about a foot squared of thick towel and about six inches squared of cotton wool for the core of the wick.cheers.
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Posted:Hey CAU...sorry took me so long to reply...didn't see it down on the bottom of the list
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.I don't get mine to last 15 min. They last up to 8 though. I don't wrap anything into them except towel, I wrap them pretty tightly too. I sew the edges down with cotton embroidery thread then coat the outside of the wick in white glue. I "cage" the wick by twisting four pieces of copper wire beneath the wick, wrapping them up and around and forming a loop at the top. For my short chains I use 6 inches wide by 3 feet long towels. For my wrap chain and the base in my jacobs ladder is a foot wide by three feet long. I also found how long you soak effect burn time, so I tend to let mine soak a while. Does that make sense?Cheers and luck.
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