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Posted:The way I see it, everyone has their own individual style. I can watch differant people do the same moves but on each person the come accross totally differant. I have noticed particularly a differance not only from person to person but between men and women. Swinging poi for me is a way of expressing who I am. My own personality and idividuality is shown through my twirling.

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Posted:True!I think your dancing style is reflected when you poi and vice versa.I especially notice this when my friend chooch and swing together. She is beautifully graceful and fluid where I am more energetic and use my body more.Poi truly is a wonderful form of self-expression

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Posted:I like to vary my style depending on the music. Generally i have a flowing, dancy stlye, but love to try a more energetic routine when i'm raving or listening to techno.