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Posted:Hi all,

This is my first attempt at editing with Premiere, but its Christmas and its a vid so here you are........
Hope someone enjoys it

Goldie smile

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Posted:Nice video. I was curious what band was playing in your video. I like the song a lot.

Later man

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Posted:Thx for the comments.
Its Ian Brown (from The Stone Roses). The track is called F.E.A.R.



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Posted:Wel, I've checked it. Ok, I dont know which of you but:

Weave hyperloops(BF rock) and turns...
Stills horizontaly, pleaseee,
I'd like to see more Giants(long arms),more big and little circles, more BTB,
you shoul mixed up more butterfly thingies(I know you can) and after 2:00 min Iwas bit

Weaves were clean and lot of very goodIzolations,

keep on spinnig smile






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Posted:quite a nice vid
liked the butterfly stuff too but i think you should turn more with it, also the flowers were nice even to they were 5 beat not 4.
The editing was alright but IMO you should cut faster when there are shots with not much happening (you guys sitting around for example)

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Posted:ok, i have som stuff to comment on the spinning.
overall, nice.
first of all,look up.
if you look at the ground it gets boring to watch, you have to be more open.
your posture, straighten your back while spinning, i have gone from that to looking like...legolas:P
and you footwork, dont move your feet in small movement. try to have a secure footing all the time and try to vary your bodymovement with your spinning, it makes it all so much more interresting to watch.

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Posted:Thanks for the comments ppl. I know I really got to work on my posture and movement so thx fick. Like I said it was really an attempt at editing for my family and friends so thats why there are shots of them and sometimes I feel that vids of one person from start to finish tend to get a tad boring (apart from the obvious exceptions with remarkable spinning!)
I only just learnt flowers be they anti or normal or whatever so 5bt is a breakthrough for me.
Again thx for the comments,



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