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Forums > Social Chat > Merry (British or anyone else in GMT) Christmas

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*Property of Pigeon Wigeon*
Location: Locked In Pigeons Chimney
Member Since: 31st Jul 2005
Total posts: 893
Posted:Merry Christmas Y'all. Have a great day. hug

Could somebody stop the room please... I'd like to get off


*Property of Pigeon Wigeon*
Location: Locked In Pigeons Chimney
Member Since: 31st Jul 2005
Total posts: 893
Posted:Oh yeah and Merry Christmas for all the people who will read this at the right time for them. biggrin

Could somebody stop the room please... I'd like to get off

Woman! Not gay Man!
Location: Hull...ish
Member Since: 13th Oct 2005
Total posts: 332
Posted:ohh its like one in the morining now and I cant sleep cos Im too exited... looks like Ive got a long night ahead of me!

Merry crimbo everyone



What a Bummer
Location: Shatfield, Hertfordshire
Member Since: 22nd Aug 2005
Total posts: 3224
Posted:yay! merry christmas!! hug


HoP's Barman. Trapped aged 6 months
Location: Staines
Member Since: 4th Aug 2004
Total posts: 4437
Posted:Merry Christmas to everyone!

I best get to bed now before santa shows up!

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"Will's to pretty for prison" - Simian


Are you up for it??
Location: Auckland
Member Since: 8th Dec 2004
Total posts: 349
Posted:merry christmas to all, you guys better get some sleep eh wink

meanwhile over here, my kids have been playing with their pressies for ages & we're about to have an early xmas dinner (yum)

enjoy your day, wherever you are beerchug

Are you up for it?


Say what?
Location: Surrey/Portsmouth
Member Since: 24th Dec 2004
Total posts: 4760
Posted:Happy Christmas!! smile


old hand
Location: Binstead, Isle of Wight
Member Since: 5th Sep 2005
Total posts: 896
Posted:Merry hohoho to all you lovely hoppers.

Ask a question and be a fool for a minute...don't ask and be a fool your whole life.


Clubbles Jugs
Location: Manchester
Member Since: 18th Feb 2004
Total posts: 1687
Posted:Happy Christmas to everyone. Just leaving Christmas day here, Boxing day and a rodeo beckons tomorrow.

random moment today - seeing that a 10 year old kid got a gun for Christmas!! Was much fun to shoot a clay pigeon too:)

ah wah wah wah a wah wah


ToadStool Circus Acts
Location: Derbyshire
Member Since: 3rd Oct 2005
Total posts: 181
Posted:Merry Christmas, I'm watching everyones videos with my NEW speakers, sexual. Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yo-yoist, Staffer and 3 Ball and Club Juggling
'Its people like us, who make them feel talentless.'

Arty Farty
Arty Farty

I wear yellow on monday
Location: Farnham Ahoy
Member Since: 5th Jul 2005
Total posts: 551
Posted:Very Merry Chrimbo All!!

Im not around much, but Im here when it matters!!

Have a spankalicious day, and thank f*ck 2005 is nearly behind us!!

You'll find me on the dance floor


Carpal \'Tunnel
Location: Preston
Member Since: 10th Jul 2005
Total posts: 2666
Posted:Merry christmas to everyone on hop x x x x

Chief adviser to the Pharaoh, in one very snazzy mutli-coloured coat

'Time goes by so slowly for those who wait...' - Whatever Happend To Baby Madonna?

Inept Cock
Location: Swindon!!!!!!!
Member Since: 17th May 2005
Total posts: 162
Posted:merry xmas peeps, hope you have a good'un, eat lots o mince pies.

(im fookin well chuffed got [censored] loads of oakley, o'neil and kahuna stuff, and a stunt kite! well happy, i feel a board for it coming soon

im alan partridge........AHA!


Location: York University
Member Since: 16th May 2005
Total posts: 1762
Posted:Merry Christmas!

Now own up, who got toys for presents?

After much consideration, I find that the view is worth the asphyxiation.
I may disagree with what you have to say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.


Momma Bear
Location: Telford, Shrops
Member Since: 10th Apr 2005
Total posts: 4525
Posted:Merry Christmas everyone!! I got an Ipod Nano, i am well chuffed!! yay!! molly dog enjoyed her duck on a rope very much too! woooo!! (only wish I was with Sym frown boo)
Have a good one!! bounce2 x x x

Hoppers are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.


Location: My House
Member Since: 27th Jun 2005
Total posts: 1286

Proudly Owned By The BMVC

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Sparkely arty Mormon rainbow fairy
Location: infront of you
Member Since: 18th Mar 2005
Total posts: 933
Posted:Merry Christmas!!

now all we need is some snow.

Property of Fine_Rabid_Dog



Member Since: 17th Nov 2005
Total posts: 9
Posted:mery christmas

love from a drunken noddy! ubblol

Wake up?


Location: USA
Member Since: 27th Jan 2004
Total posts: 187
Posted:Happy jesus b-day everyone. *pulls out his new poi then heads to the .org to watch all the pretty cj christams vids*

Im a Thespian, But I'll Act Normal Around You Guys

Location: Oxford
Member Since: 30th Nov 2005
Total posts: 360
Posted:merry christmas all

who got drunk christmas eve?


Location: la-la land
Member Since: 15th Feb 2002
Total posts: 2419
Posted:Happy Christmas all you lovely Hoppers!

Big love to all who have missed someone this year.. this holiday always reminds me to remember what we are thankful for.. family who love us, no matter how far they are away from us.. love conquores all.. just close your eyes and remember their smile.. smile

I honour you as an aspect of myself..

You are never to old to storm a bouncey castle..


Geek-enviro-hippy priest
Location: Diss, Norfolk
Member Since: 28th Sep 2004
Total posts: 1858
Posted:This is normally the worst time of my year - for reasons i wont go in to, i end up getting very stressed and worried, and quite down about the world.

Anyway, Thanks to the love of Jo ( ubblove ) and all you HoPers i've had quite a good time this year, although it would have been amazing to spend it with her....next year i guess...

Anyway, I hope you have all had a great time whatever you were doing. You should all come to my new years eve party in Diss...please!!! biggrin

hug to you all

There's too many home fires burning and not enough trees


Momma Bear
Location: Telford, Shrops
Member Since: 10th Apr 2005
Total posts: 4525
Posted:you got my loving baby wink

Hoppers are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.


Flying Water Muppet
Location: Edin-borrow.
Member Since: 20th May 2003
Total posts: 5276
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"the still legendary" - Kaskade

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UnNatural Scientist - Currently working on a Breville-legged monkey
Location: Bath Uni or Shrewsbury, UK
Member Since: 26th May 2004
Total posts: 757
Posted:Merry Christmas!

Give me a lever long enough and a place to stand and I can beat the world into submission.

Your Face!
Location: el paso, tx
Member Since: 15th Jul 2003
Total posts: 1173
Posted:I got woke up at 0530 on christmas morn to the sounds of exploding mortar rounds and sirens going off on my F.O.B. merry christmas!

Heroism on command, senseless violence, and all the loathsome nonsense that goes by the name of patriotism - how passionately I hate them!
-Albert Einstein-

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