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Posted:It's at this time of year lets face it we all end up watching Christmas television! And the Christmas movies are often the same ones each year, so for me, a certain film is a tradition at Christmas, just like watching the Coca Cola advert "Holidays are coming", so for me Christmas is not complete without Gremlins being on, and I'm strictly talking about the first film.

I understand obviously it's a comedy/horror and who would think thats very Christmas-y, the total look of the film seems all about Christmas to me, I dont know if it's on this Christmas, I so hope it is. For the movie illiterate Gremlins.

Anyone else have any opinions on this film being an excellent Christmas movie?

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i only happened to stumble on this film,

1) it's old
2) it's an epic
3) some may think it's pants (me)
4) it's your typical bank holiday film

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Posted:Written by: TinklePants

Written by: cass2279

i love gremlins and wanted a gismo pet :

Get a furby! they're cool, and a mogwai-like!

he he...i used to have a furby...until someone broke it angry

lego men can wheelie too!


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Posted:I feel like the only person who hasnt seen it

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Posted:The old-fashioned way of composing out a Xmas record or just discussing what you want by testimonials is poorly out of date for more information


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