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RyGOLD Member
Gromit's Humble Squire
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Location: Brisbane, Australia

News bite, probably of more interest to the Aussie listers..

Been published today- xmas eve Courier Mail pg. 52, back of the Car's Guide, in the Weekend Guide. The photograph's of Jesse (Carnival of The Divine Imagination- twirling a staff, can't miss it- (biggest photo on the page wink) as promotion for the upcoming Woodford Folk Festival (QLD, Australia). Will try to get the article scanned or digitised soon. biggrin

BansheeCatBRONZE Member
1,247 posts
Location: lost, Canada

Whoo hoo! Congrats Ry, that is fabulous!

Merry Christmas and Happy Every- thing!

"God *was* my co-pilot, but then we crashed, and I had to eat him..."

funkwaxpuppyBRONZE Member
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Location: Crane City (Brisbane), Australia

Beat you to it, Ry! It's top of the page --

You rock much for making Jesse look so beautiful and press-worthy! It's a popular shot! biggrin

Arty FartyBRONZE Member
I wear yellow on monday
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Location: Farnham Ahoy, United Kingdom

Its lovely!! Well done!!

You'll find me on the dance floor

GnorBRONZE Member
Carpal \'Tunnel
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Location: Perth, Australia

We always knew you were clever

clap clap

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flash fireBRONZE Member
Sporadically Prodigal
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Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia

That's awesom Ry, and I'm totally not surprised. Although I've neglected to post comments in your gallery, I frequently visit it to admire your work. A secret part of me wants to be photographed by you in the hope that you'll bring out the "something special" in me too. smile

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Is it Fair to all concerned?
Will it build Goodwill and Better Friendships?
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ma'tinaBRONZE Member
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Location: somewhere..., Germany

wicked, ry, wonderful, happy for ya!!!

btw: beautiful pic!!!clap


- Ho Sa -
kisses & peace & love to beautiful madges
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PyroWillGOLD Member
HoP's Barman. Trapped aged 6 months
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Location: Staines, United Kingdom

As i've said to you before mate I ubblove your photography, one of my missions when I come to Oz is I want to get photographed by you, truly amazing work, and im not surprised by this publication at all, well done and very well deserved hug

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AdeSILVER Member
Are we there yet?
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Location: australia

a late congratulations, well done

courts1979BRONZE Member
Rainbow Brite
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Location: Newtown, Sydney, Australia

Whoop whoop whoop whoop !!!!!!!!

Yay Mr Ry! hug

Wasn't i just sayin today u had an eye for it!
Absolutley Wonderful!

Lifes too short, dance nakked & wiggle ur arse!!

Carpal \'Tunnel
15,414 posts
Location: United Kingdom

Now understands why you are called Ry..


Nice work smile hug

MiGGOLD Member
Self-Flagellation Expert
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Location: Bogged at CG, Australia

Nice biggrin

"beg beg grovel beg grovel"

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NoddyToe Poking Bad Boy
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Location: Lake District UK

well done

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congrats! nice shot clap clap clap ! goodonya! biggrin

the best smiles are the ones you lead to wink

pricklyleafSILVER Member
with added berries
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Location: Manchester, England (UK)


You're a brilliant photographer, you really deserve it!

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Ralph Waldo Emerson

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