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Forums > Beginner Poi Moves > weaves seem to come natural to me, but behind the back... gets me!!!!!

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Posted:EVERYTIME..... i watch and watch..... is there something im missinghelp

im still a beginner... i use glow sticks or balls... i can do simple stuff and transition between moves... but getting it behind me... i just dont know where im going... confused


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Posted:this belongs in poi moves


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Posted:lol... well... i saw someone say that they hate it when people post in there when its not about fire... so i didnt want to get yelled at


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Posted:Don't worry about the evil evil fire freaks! This site is full of them for some reason umm (Only joking, they're lovely smile )

You'll be fine in Poi Moves. Just make sure you find the right thread and someone will help you . . .

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flash fire

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Posted:Written by: Renface

lol... well... i saw someone say that they hate it when people post in there when its not about fire... so i didnt want to get yelled at

Send em over my way if they give you a hard time. wink As long as your discussing poi moves within Poi Moves, the moderators of this site don't mind what's attached to your finger loops.

Moving this to Poi Moves.

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Posted:Written by: Renface

lol... well... i saw someone say that they hate it when people post in there when its not about fire... so i didnt want to get yelled at

Really? Dont worry about that, there's no one here thats interested in reading your posts that actually thinks that, if ther are they're in the minority! smile

One of two main problems I overcame to do BTB stuff was 1) realising that it's exactly the same as infront, you just have to convince your brain to stop trying to compensate for it. and 2) your body will have to flex up in ways it never has before, you might actually be doing it fine but because your body can't get your hands in the right place, or the right place at the right time, the poi hits you instead of spinning though empty space. It'll come, give it time and it'll come. Try drilling one arm at a time, it's good practice especially for BTB


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Posted:ive said it again and again. get 2 sticks/dowel rods/cardboard tubes WHATEVER, and get the motions down. this will help with flexibility AND the order of motion. and you will see that is is very nearly identical to the weave in front of you except you can't see your hands.

REALLY work on bending your body. this will help a ton. you gotta either A) get your hand way the heck over there, or B) change up the planes. personally i say get your hand over there if you can and it will look cooler, but then thats just my opinion. When I first started doing btb weave (and i had many a bruise i assure you) my arms were REAAAAAALLY sore, especially my upper biceps and stuff because of the stretch. Now, its nothing to do em.

as always, practice makes perfect.

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Posted:Ditto to most of what has been said, though there is a different way...Meenik has been showing me how to do it by actually holding the hand position still at the base of the spine( your butt) and turning the body slightly side to side instead of contorting the hands around to the waist and dipping with the shoulder.

To get the concept of the exercise maybe try with just one poi, held in the center of your chest, and through the slight movement of your body, *not* moving your hands or arms at all, get it to do the circles on either side, crossing in the middle... Tricky.

Yikes, hard to explain verbally. But once you have it in front, then try it in back, and then work on the behind the back weave from there...
Good luck!

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Posted:try starting with your hands on the same side. just go on this. http://www.poipoi.info/tuition/tuition-main.htm
its near the bottom.

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Posted:i also had to fully learn these in both directions from the ground up. it's not something you can just turn into until you already know it.

1. just like in front, with one poi, it's side circle, cross side circle, side circle, cross side circle. the hard part is getting the cross side circle NEAR PARALLEL to the same side circle. only being able to get 90 degrees won't cut it, especially once you first try it with two poi. this is where all the stretching comes in.

2. then get both poi and do same time, "x-ups". right hand on top (or whatever's more comfortable). sames, opposites, sames, opposites. try alternating which hand is on top if you're brave, otherwise try step 3 and then make alternating x-ups 3.5.

3. now you're ready for a two-beat -- same as the "x-ups" but split time. one circle on each side. learn both right on top and left on top.

4. alternating two beats. this is the hard part, because you have to move your butt out of the way in the opposite direction to which hand's leading as you alternate. that's how i think of it at least. hehe. or "leading hip/trailing hip". but start R2-beat, R2beat, L2-beat, L2-beat, R... before you try to alternate every time. this part took me forever too, especially for the forward btb.

5. alternate every time. this is the btb 3-beat. yay! hug

i'm not sure if any of that makes sense without pictures, but if i were to make a video of how to learn the BTB in either direction, that's what would be in it.

-- dut