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Posted:ok - so went out last night as you do with some old friends, and some friends from work,
one work mate (becks) invited a couple of doctors out - mainly for me ubblove but she was having phone calls all night from her slightly crazy but apparently improved now ex boyfriend.the drs didnt ring to say they were on their way til gone 12 and by then becky my mate had disappeared. She had been called to the front door for something, when i went to check she was ok she was running off hand in hand with her ex bf getting into his car and driving off.
Obviously i was well naffed off coz 1 of the drs was coming to see her, and they weren't gonna be able to get into the club and i would have to go out and explain that they had driven 20 miles for nothing.
long story short, i ended up seperated from all my other mates and entertaining 2 docs.
got a phone call at 2am from becks saying she had been dragged into the car by her ex, tried to jump out so he'd beaten her up. told bystanders she was on a bad trip which was why she was shouting and shes in hospital.
how crappy is that, i feel crap coz i shouldnt have let her go on her own and she was so so upset when i spoke to her, i just assumed she had gone off with him happiliy.

the moral -
look out for your friends and dont ever make assumptions.
Becs x

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Posted:HUn that's awful! Hugs to you both hughughug

It's so damn English not to 'interfere' but so easy just to say 'Hey, you OK?'

Hope you both have a better Christmas now hug

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