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Posted:Has anyone tried adapting a staff so that it has wire wool cagues on the end? That way you'd probably get a similar affect to when people do it with poi. I bet it would be really dangerous but one hell of a laugh. biggrin

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Posted:first, register at

come back and click here and look at the first picture.

Also pm strugz. He knows about stuff...

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Posted:wrap a load of wirewool around the end, and attach it nicely so its not going to go flying off, then well light it and spin, mostly behind your back stuff for safty, and make sure you ware something to stop it going down your neck as well and all should be good smile

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Posted:try building cages that are attached safely to the staff and put the wool inside. in this manner it's not accidentally taking off as a whole package whjile burning.

and additional gadget: you can put charcoal inside and spin sparkly staff... biggrin *yikes, eeks, ouch*... wink

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