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Posted:Hi, I've been doing poi twirling for sometime now, and I' m now looking to get fuel for my first burn. I read somewhere in this site that I shouldn't use conventional fuel but try to get kerosine as pure as possible.
I' ve found a company that supplies it, and they have two products:
100% pure
reagent grade, low odor.

Is the reagent grade good enough? As it's significantly cheaper...
Thanks in advance.

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try looking here Fuel

if this doesnt help then get back to me.


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Posted:Kerosene, or parrafin, are both fine to use. If you really can get 100% pure you're a very lucky person! I would personally choose pure over anything, but I'd also choose normal over Oderless. Beleive it or not, there are more nasty chemicals in the odorless than in normal. They have to pile lots more in to take the smell away so avoid it unless it's all you can get your hands on.

Where do you live? What country are you in?

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