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Posted:ok question for all you hop staffers out there. for someone who has been mainly self-taught with a staff and therefore has only ever come across the names of some of the more advanced contact moves and is totally lost in explanations that involve names ive never heard of, is there some magical thread that explains basically what a load of the various move names refer to? <other than step who has taken it on himself to try and be my walking staff dictionary, but i forget as soon as he gets 5 feet away...>

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Momma Bear
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Posted:Staffs are rubbish..boooo!! Kevlar Butt plugs all the way! Wooo! *does the spinny whirl butt* very tricky move.

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Pirate Ninja
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Posted:Try these on for size smile

Should keep you going for a year or two wink

MCP Stylee

Charles and naming moves

adop and a whole bunch of people

dentrassi and the link list of doom

Those crazy germans

Love is the law.


Mr Majestik
Mr Majestik

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Posted:ahhh! *diverts eye contact from ado-ps post* no, not.............description! tis the downfall of videos!

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