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Posted:Just the other day I spun in the back yard and

the burn was great (elevated concentration,

clear hindsight) but there was like no room. My

father wanted to go down to the local schoolyard

and light up there but I told him that fireplay

was an underground thing and that there were no laws

yet for that sort of thing. does anyone out there

know what the law says about lighting up in a residential neighborhood

or an open field??


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Posted:I know that there's a difference between laws and what's inforced. I know that open flames in some areas are strictly prohibited but I've never seen people arrested for lighting cigarettes. Most of the time it depends on what the cop who sees you feels like doing.

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Posted:Open flame laws are enforced usually on fires which are larger than a candle, and more permanent in nature. Lighters for a cigarette are concidered neither of these things.

Lighting up in a school yard would actually bring the cops to you. Schools are government property and are not concidered public as such. To do anything on the premesis you usually need written consent of the school officials.

To find out about your local fire ordinances go to your local fire house. Take your father with you. Figure out a way to explain what you intend to do eloquently and be precise, including your safety precautions. They will be able to tell you more specifically when and where this is allowed. If at all possible, get it in writing from them that you will be allowed to do this on public property and what provisos you can operate under (for example: you have freedom to spin in a park, not under trees, with responsible fire supervision, before 10 pm as long as the park has less than 20 people in it.)

With the police the thing you need to understand is that they don't know the fire ordinances usually. The extent of their knowledge base is fire, in public, over candle size = badness. With the fire authority it is necessary to be thorough. They are used to putting out the fire, not creating it, so sometimes what we do is difficult for them to understand. They really just have the best interest of the public at large in mind, so be respectful and gentle with them.
Good luck.

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Posted:The best thing to do is call your local police and/or fire department. Better yet, sit down with the police/fire chief and explain about the art. Bring your equipment to show as well as how you are transporting your equipment and fuel. Make a big point on what you have for your fire safety equipment and emergency procedures. Might also wanna bring a copy of the MSDS of the fuel you are using.

I talked with my local police and fire chiefs about it and they didn't see any problems with it. One suggestion I do have is that, if you go out at night away from home, you might want to give the local dispatcher a call and tell them where you are (of course having things explained to the police department ahead of time so ya don't confuse anyone). That way they'd have some head's-up if someone called in, or something.

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