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Posted:I was watching the World Gymnastics Championships the other week and it got me thinking. This year they introduced computer technology to determine if gymnasts had met their requirements and to determine start values. It would be done the old fashioned way (ie: eye), but if they weren't sure they could do frame-by-frame checks to make sure things were properly connected. So it's similar to the 3rd umpire in cricket.

Personally, I dislike this introduction. Athletes are only human, therefore it isn't far that they are judged, effectively, by computers.

Then there is also electronic timing. On the whole, I think this is a good introduction, with more accurate times and the like BUT - when it was first introduced, they made a rule that they would only take times to one hundreth of a second (or it could have been one thousanth, i'm not exactly sure) because that's all the manual timers went to. This meant dead heats could occur. However, sporting bodies don't like dead heats so lately they have been taking times into the next decimal point to declare a winner (there was a scandal years ago with a black athlete being found to come second after taking it to the next decimal point)

So what do people think? I realise this has been a very bad first post because it is always so emotive, but I know we have sport people on here and I'd be intrested if they agree or disagree.

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Posted:I think some technology is a help to sport, especially when a referee is expected to make absolute correct decisions while trying to keep their eye on the ball, the players and all the action. The third umpire is a marvel of modern sports technology.

I can't think of any actual hindrance to sport using technology in this manner, of course I'm probably wrong not being the sporty type but if measures can be accurately and realistically made by computers surely it can only increase the level of competition and ability? And always find a winner when it is so close over the line, I mean, there's never truly a dead heat, one person is always first no matter how tiny the margin, if this margin can be measured then let it be measured!


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Posted:I agree with Dunc.

I'd say it was a hell of a lot fairer to be judged accuratly by a computer that can do the job better than by a limited human's judging which consistently make errors.

How is it unfair?

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Posted:The 'photo finish' and 'instant replay' have been more of a help than a hinderance. I can trust multiple-camera angles more than a couple of refs...

Now of you want to start using a laser instead of a bar on the high jump, that might be taking it too far...

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Posted:Well said prometheus... and happy bday btw tongue

I'm cool with the tight time measurements- what is a race after all, but seeing who is first, by whatever tiny amount?

Multiple camera angles etc help a lot... refs do make bad calls on limited information. Its better to have right information, imo.... Having the judgeing be actually 100% electronic is more questionable (even in a third ref sense) I would want that program checked... but perfection is a human ideal and striving for it as well as realizing we can't quite meet it are both important!

(And I do like the idea of having bad judgeing start to die out!)

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Posted:Some of the problems occur in other sports, like football where consulting video playback can take to long and interrupt the "flow" of the game. (somebody else's arguments, not mine)

Personally I am all for more electronic judging in sport, as long as it is done in a fair way. (not like voting machines) Gymnastics is about technical perfection. There is no subjective judgements in it, I don't think. It's all about straightlines perfect rotations and such like. (pointed toes!)

The only problem is people don't like being told they lost by a machine. Or by a person for that matter. Look at tennis and the line out's calls. That worked reasonably well.

On a side note. When you're playing football, it's only football because of the set of rules you are obeying is called football. Other rules would be a different game. (changing the spirit of the rules, not the letter.) So in my book, any infringement of the rules that goes unnoticed or unpenalised calls into question whether you are really playing that game or not, because you aren't following the rules. (gamesmanship is not the issue here.)

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