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Posted:Hello all, I've seen the tutorials on teh webby but was wondering if there's a good dvd or video out there that can help me. I know nothing beats learning from someone else but I don't think there are many if any clubs around where I live.

I am planning on learning from teh web tutorials, but would ideally like an instructional dvd or even book?

Any ideas?

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Posted:This book is great, it covers the basics up to semi-advanced, a much wider range than any other book or DVD. It's known as the bible of poi spinning and explains everything in a very straight forward way, with diagrams. you can buy it here

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Member Since: 7th Dec 2005
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Posted:Well I took your word for it and have ordered a Pair of 2 inch Weka fire poi and the book you listed above.

I already have some homemade poi kinda things, which I use for my martial arts, so can do some basic tricks already smile

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Posted:bits of wood on string go well for poi!

just get those feet moving and the rest will follow.



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Posted:I've searched my local libraries and they have a poi DVD!!

motsplace.com is pretty cool. He's got lots of stuff on there.

domorepoi.com -->kinda like a babyHoP It's taking off right now and they're adding lessons weekly right now.

There's another one but I can't find the address, if I find it I'll edit it in.

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Posted:Check out:
Nick is releasing and istructional DVD soon... he is a fabulous teacher!]

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Posted:lol i dont think the guy at domorepoi.com actually knows what a "waistwrap" is.

It isn't really a wrap.

Someone ought to tell him.


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Posted:lol, i recently learnt the btb waist-wrap and when i saw that tutorial just now, i couldn't stop laughing tongue

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Posted:was going to say "do more poi" but someone has already said it, oh well smile

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Posted:www.poijoy.com that's not too bad also


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