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Posted:I'm looking to see all those that spin in the Dallas Area. Is there anyone out there?

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Posted:You know it!! ha ha

I found a lot on but haven't met up with any on there yet... hopfully soon.... I think I'll be going to a "firemans" event this spring... I'll tell you more later, just message me

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Posted:Hey i just wanted to bump this and see if there was anyone still out there.

My cuzin is moving over to Texas in September and is a total poi newbie (got the butterfly pretty well tho!) obviously she wont know anyone out there at all (apart from her husband) and really wants to pick poi up.... would anyone be interested in helping her in anyway or letting me know of meets or anything? thank you! xxx

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Location: Oregon, USA

Total posts: 577 is generally a better place to find North American spinny/fire folk (well, Americans seem rather fire-centric). Here's a place to check out:
G'luck on your searching.

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