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Peachi Petejourneyman
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Hello all,

Just when you thought it was safe....

3rd TRIBE OF FUN_DANGO will be on Sunday 11th Dec 2pm - 9.30pm
Ballroom, Student Union, Portland Building, Nottingham University

With all the usual good stuff: great music, inspiring videos, lovely location and the best people on earth....
... hopefully free tea and coffee too wink

This month is a ball special with (see below for workshops 3pm - 7pm):
Ball Juggling from Ben Beever and My Mate Mad Mardigan (BJC 5 ball champ),
Jago (Full Moon Performers) contact juggling
Steve Grainger (Shooting Star Circus) Ball Spinning'
And Pirate Hoola Andy.P with hackey sackey

Plenty of room for spinners and spinning workshops organised.

Hopefully Howie Bailey ( creator of some of the best juggling videos in the universe will be here to show us some of his collection.

Should be another good one, see ya all there (except Owen who's still banned),
Cheese, Peachi

* Ben Beever - Numbers ball juggling and Site Swaps

1) 4 Balls (Inter-adv): Alternating and Synch Siteswaps, including Showers and Mills Messes.
2) 5 Balls: Alt, Synch, Multiplexes and Mills Messes (no previous siteswap experience needed).
3) 6-7 Balls: Numbers juggling - Practice techniques and Simple siteswaps.
4) Demonstration: Siteswaps, Randomswaps and Numbers juggling (4-12 Balls).

* Mad Mardigan - Current BJC 5 Ball Endurance Champion

1) 3 ball trick swap
2) five balls learning techniques and first 5 ball tricks

* Jago - Full Moon Performers:

1. Intro to Contact Juggling
2. Contact Juggling: Palm Spinning
3. Contact Juggling: Fixed Point
4. Throwing and Contact Patterns

* Steve Grainger - Ball Spinning -
To be decided on the day depending on interest

* Andy Parry - hackey sack
Kick Andy's sack around the ballroom

The shedule is:
2pm doors open
3-7pm workshops
4-7pm food hall open
7-8pm juggling demonstrations
8-10pm general juggle to silly music with some good videos being shown
10pm onwards - carry on back at my place

Pink...?BRONZE Member
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oh no, dilema. Sheffield PiP or... Tribe of Fundango. confused

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duballstarSILVER Member
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ubblol what did owen get banned for? umm

It is our fantasies that make us real. Without our fantasies we're just a blank monkey' - Terry Pratchett

colemanSILVER Member
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i'm guessing owen is banned because he will be in london running stefan sing's two-day workshop on that weekend?

not intentional i'm sure but its the second occurance of a fundango/london juggling same weekend workshop clash frown

i'm all little-girl excited about going to stefan sing's masterclass but i would have loved to have been able to go to ben and jago's workshops and check out howie's video collection in nottingham.

in related news, i heard a rumour that howie might be taking over mr gilligan's place in 'kuka' next year...?

anyway, hope it all goes great peachi hug

cole. x

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i come to 'dis cafe quite a lot myself.
they do porridge."
- tim westwood

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