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Posted:press THIS and go see the first ever music video shot on mobile phones! It took a while to stream completely so go make a cuppa while you wait smile

You can read about it HERE it's the article at the top of the page at the moment (27/11/05) and is quite an interesting read

GO Presidents of the USA!! WHOOT WHOOT! If you've never seen them live or bought an album you're missing out fo sure, their simplicity, energy and ability to write songs about anything is amazing smile

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Posted:Hey that's pretty cool! Go them! I don't think I've heard much of their stuff, not a bad song though smile

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Posted:the presidents rock biggrin

i should've guessed that it'd be them as soon as i read the title, they've always been quite a strange band ubbrollsmile

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Posted:Wow thats pretty cool,
Never been so wild about them, but the vid sure is cool.

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