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Posted:I'm curious about who has one each COL competition so far.

I did a search and examined the back of the video/DVD covers, but couldn't find anywhere that lists the winners.

I'm assuming that Sage won the poi section of COL2 (obviously).

And I read in an earlier thread on this forum that the winners of COL3 were Shibaki (poi) and someone called Daniel (staff) but I can't even see a Daniel anywhere on the COL3 'featuring' list.

So can someone please tell me who the winners were? Otherwise, where can I find out who has won so far?

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Posted:From official Hop Judges posts it occurs:

Col 2005: Pending

Col 5:
1. Brother and Son (Germany)
2. Jools (UK)
3. The Amazing Rubber Heart Duo (Finland)
3. 2Bags (UK)
3. Fire Sisters (Canada)

Col 4
1. Pois in tha hood (Canada)
2. Fire Sisters (Canada)
3. Nix? (Scotland)

Col 3
Poi section:
1. Shibaki (Jeff) (FL, USA)
2. John actually came 2nd in the poi section

Staff section:
1. Daniel (actual staff winner) (OK, USA)

Col 2:
1. Sage (?)

Malcolm, please re-release Col 3 and Col 1 on DVD to give us the whole picture over time. 2 vital stones are still missing in my puzzle and only you can complete the shrine of poi as perfect as it deserves to be ...



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Posted:col 2005 is a compilation, not a competition. so at last word, there wouldn't be winners/prizes

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The winner is whoever buys a copy of the COL series..



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