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Location: Stockholm

Well, the outdoor season is officially over for me with the falling of the first snow

So, confined to training in my cramped quarters I am looking for inspiration from the masses to further my development.

Ok, Ive been at this for oh, three and a half months or so and Ive got the basics down. Ive got everything in the free section down smoothly plus some variations (except the BTB stuff) and some other tricks Ive picked up off the net in various places.

What Im looking for from you is inspiration and suggestions of variations of the weave or butterfly family, transition combos or anything you think was fun to learn. (With the emphasis on the fun stuff.)

All this with the condition that the Poi can go no higher than you can raise your hand. The ceiling is low where I live and I have lamps and a ceiling fan in all the wrong places, for poi that is. I can do stuff that flops the poi behind the head, like the Mexican weave but stuff like the Fountain is pushing it.

Try not to post unspecific links to general sites, chances are Ive seen the site already and may even be working on some of the moves listed there but instead share something that inspired you.

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colemanSILVER Member
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learn to isolate every move you know.

isolated versions of moves take up the same or less space than the non-isolated versions.

problem solved smile

cole. x

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and learn inversions.. they dont's really spin outside the arms and are really badass... and as a bonus: they isolate REALLY easy... schwing..

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animatEdBRONZE Member
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when I was stuck spinning indoors, i took the chance to Drill some planes into my spinning (ie, see how long and how much I could do before I hit anything) try BTB without breaking plane too much/at all...

You could work on tangles, they don't need to take up much space... Stalls, perfect those... and wraps as well...

I just used the time to neaten my spinning, working on timing, and planes most of all... Not that all my moves are perfectly timed yet... these things take a while... It might sound boring, but it's definately worth it in the long run...

I also learnt other things, like Contact Juggling... wink

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Location: Stockholm

Thanks for the feedback guys.

I have tested wraps, stalls and isolation, I quess now is a good time to develop them. Not quite sure what inversions are, I'll have to look that up.

Keep the good stuff coming...

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pricklyleafSILVER Member
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I also have theis problem. All my buzzsaw derived moves are coming on a treat now though. Anything short arm really. Just starting on inversions now, thanks to mcp.

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inpsydoutBRONZE Member
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i learnt to isolate and do tangles from being in cramped quarters. you could also try turning with hip reels as it will teach you to keep them really close to your body.

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I live in a house with few walls and a relativly high roof so i usualy spin indoors, dunno why....

Ive been working on the basics, but just this morning ive seen a video of these 2 girls freestyling for the yo-ho poi CD that came with my poi and ive realised that you can learn all the tricks you want and you can perfect them, but untill you can do some smooth freestyling it just looks ugly and mechanical.

What I think is develope your ambidextricity (right word/spelling?), perfect thread the needle and and go through butterfly and try all the under armpit/ over shoulder/under arm and do with both hands and then try crossing the body with it like right poi going behind your back then join the left hand in a butterfly with both your hands on the left side of body then moving bothe hands to your right side and play around with that. Theats just me talking at the top of my head, but keep the moves changing and in a continuous line and get creative.

Also get someone to film you and put together a video, that could be fun.

If ther are any poi spinners out there in the sydney area and wana meet up, e-mail meh at benpietershawke(at)bigpond(dot)com

GnorBRONZE Member
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Take your poi with you wherever you go and when you find a biggish space spin. Trainstations, gyms make the most of other peoples spaces.

and do isolations

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work out what moves you can already do in there, and then learn them with anti spin and isolated, thats what im doing indoors, cant say im having much luck at the moment tho frown

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Anti-spin, buzzsaws, wraps and spirals and isolations are the best things to do indoors. Just don't try antispin flowers, I almost smacked the projector in the Salad Bowl (cue much laughing from the Teepooka folks).

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strooSILVER Member
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yeah! just as i was starting to become a flower addict the weather turns and i have to give them up. damn 16th centrury house. why did they have to be so small?!

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StoutBRONZE Member
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Spinning indoors is a great time to explore pendulums too.

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Location: Glasgow

Watermill is another one to look at.

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trotskyGOLD Member
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I don't know what poi you have but I've just got into sock poi and I'd recommend them for indoors. I started with a tennis ball in each but now its a juggling ball for a bit of extra weight. Stalls are lovely and air wraps have made me giggle they feel so good. Heres looking forward to a hyperloop in a few weeks!

I have been thinking of making some mini pocket poi from string and a small rubber ball. This is so I can practise wrist movements and hand wraps etc out and about without hitting people or feeling selfconscious.

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ImbalanceGOLD Member
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Written by: stroo

yeah! just as i was starting to become a flower addict the weather turns and i have to give them up. damn 16th centrury house. why did they have to be so small?!

um...16th century people were shorter? lol.

i also just got into working on flowers a lot. and now its all cold and crap. *sleeting at this very moment outside* sooo yeh it sucks. Can always go find a gym or some such thing and kick out all the basketball players. Pretend you are maintenence and you have to change the lights or something so the gym is closed. Probably only work like once, but hey, find more than one gym lol.

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L0s3r_r@v3rSILVER Member
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the celing in my liveing room is 14 feet high :-D but the ther christmas tree up there is really no room for full length poi so i'm practicing my arm wraps and the such

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16th century were shorter. The average height has rose by several inches over the course of the last century due to better nutrition...

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RicheeBRONZE Member
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a) Weave foreward and backward cleaned
b) Start staing wall plane

c) Lower fountain
Frontal trasition of Weave from one side to the other, forward
to backward. (just get your Weave from left to right)

d)Upper fountain
Once you're spinnig backward weave(still in wall plane) let move your circles up, cross the front, and finish back in foreward weave at your other side. The upper part is like, Wind mill(lesson number ...) but Poi should not get behind your head, just pass the front in the front for a few beats.

e) Weave fountain
Lower fountain + upper fountain




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