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Posted:Help me...I am having this huge panic attack.

This is my last week of work and my boyfriend and I have just had another argument (we are in the middle of moving house and tension is running high to say the least!). I love him dearly and I think he loves me (he tells me all the time) but there are times when we argue and we get quite heated and it makes me wonder if he loves me as much as I do him.....I love him but he infuriates me at times....

In three more weeks we will both be on a plane leaving Perth and Australia behind us.

I have just realised I have resigned from a boring but decent go to a place where I know nothing about the job force or even if I will be able to get a job.

I have moved out of a decent house to go to an unstable location (we have a house for a month and then who knows where after that).

I will be leaving ALL my family and friends for a place where I know abso-freakin-lutely no-one.

Am I making the biggest mistake of my life.....or is this just a normal emotion.....

I am so freaked out and panicky that I am making a mistake....what ahppens if things go wrong.....


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Posted:Hey Fi! Seems like just yesterday all this was just a mere possibility, while today it looks like you're almost there! smile

In a nutshell, don't fret. It's just a change, and it's natural for people to be afraid of the unfamiliar. Whatever happens, take it in your stride, and if you've given it enough of a chance and think you don't like it, just move on to the next thing.

Besides, if you stuck around here doing the same old job day in day out, maybe you'll get promoted, but it'll hardly be having you on the edge of your seat waiting for the next day (unless of course, you love your job here and every day you look forward to going to work- in which case it'd be a lot harder deciding what you'd give up to tend to something (or someone) else you love.

Yes, leaving home does mean you're going to have to leave your friends and family for a bit, but think of it as some time you need to find yourself. And once you're settled (or not) there's nothing really stopping you from coming back to visit (or to return saying you've seen what's out there, but it doesn't compare! wink)

And hey, there's quite possibly a HoPper or two to show you around or hang out with when you arrive. Just take it easy, and everything will turn out fine, just you wait and see hug




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Posted:sweetie, what you are feeling is totally natural...lots of people have the same reaction at the same thing. what my advice would be is go, give yourself miniimum of a month and see how things go ..if it turns out to be can always go home. but i reckon you'll never regret it smile good luck hug

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Posted:reminds me of me when I was going to Canada for 3 months, I was fine until the day before when I thought "I don't know who I'm staying with. Noone will speak German. What if I forget all my English and have a problem??? What if I'll have no friends??????"

and guess what, it turned out to be one of the greatest times in my life! Go for it smile hug

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