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Posted:I already have a broomstick handle, but want something with a little more weight on the ends that I can use as a practice staff. I'd prefer to just purchase a manufactured one rather than make my own because I suck at making stuff and don't have the time to construct it. I found this website today: Fire Dance Company (Toy Shop). I was thinking of getting the single $40 staff they have for sale there (near the top of the page) - that seems like a reasonable price and length. Does anyone else have this staff? Do you think it would be suitable for a beginner? Of course, I'll just put socks or something over the wicks until I'm ready to light up.

Otherwise, where else can practice staffs be purchased from? And which is the best staff from the HoP shop for a beginner?

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Posted:You're in australia then?
da best.

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Posted:I agree with meg. I recently got a concentrate stick with the new flat handle and its amazing. I love it so much I'm getting another one delivered in a few days so I can use them for doubles. Plus its awesome having a staff that breaks down and can go in your rucksack. It means that I can just carry it round with me as I would my poi so you always have a staff to hand for random playing.

They may be quite expensive but, from the build quality of it, I'd imagine I'll still be spinning the same sticks in 10yrs time.

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