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Forums > Videos > Me again, new video online hope you like. I had fun making it. :) *DELETED*

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Posted:Post deleted by PupDawg
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Robert Bruce
Poi Geek, Technologie Freak. Montreal, Quebec Canada

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Posted:smooth spinning, looked very fluid. the writing at the top of the picture was annoying though, and im not a fan of the transition effects where a rectangle spirals into the middle, but thats just my personal preferance. i liked how it kept changing colour in the second half smile

id like to see you have spin outside smile

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Posted:You look like a guy who's after some criticism, So here goes:

It's all same direction, Split time (or weave). I saw no butterfly in there whatsoever. No same time poi. It was all weaves, whether forward, reverse, BTB or windmill. I saw a couple of hyperloop/thru/airwrap-esque things, which IMO looked more like an accidental tangle that was nicely recovered. I'd like to see more variations, stalls, wraps, tangles, anti spin (if you can do either/both of these), use of buzzsaw planes, heck, there are so many more possibilities!

I saw the makings of a Reverse anti spin weave in there... Nice.

You had a shirt on!! wink

you do have your waistwraps very smooth, and make some of those isolations look effortless. Nice!

Your house/apartment looks like a really nice place, perfect for spinning in. In other words, I liked the location. While it was indoors, and boring, it wasn't too boring that it wasn't nice to watch, and there wasn't too much in the background to distract me from watching your spinning. I get distracted easily... But then, what is the perfect spinning location? (hmmm... a thread in discussion, methinks...)

All in all, nice spinning, but let's see what else you can do! You gotta have more moves up your sleeve if you can do isolations and BTB like that...

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Posted:Thank you... this is exactly what I want to hear smile I don't get to hear what others think often so this kind of criticism is very welcome and important.

In the next video... I'll try and address some of these. I do mainly weaves because I like the way they feel... Technicaly I can do many butterfly moves but I don't like the way they feel and that could be because I don't use them corectly yet. smile

Thanks again wink

Robert Bruce
Poi Geek, Technologie Freak. Montreal, Quebec Canada

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Posted:argh I can only view it til half way, first have looks good though, nice relaxed spinning, nice control. I did'nt get to see the cheesey effects though frown I like cheesey video effects smile Also if the is some way of getting that horrible text off the video it would be a great improvement. Even shoot the poi alittle lower in frame and crop the top bit. Or even fake a 16:9 format by putting black bars in the top and bottom of the screen (you know like in the movies smile ) It' make the whole vid look much cleaner.
Your apartment looks cool too smile
Keep it up, spread the video wealth.

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Posted:My puter doesnt like streaming videos... Cant view it.

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Posted:Clean spinning, but definately needs more variation, I also agree about the rectangular spinning fade, it blocks the view of the spinning for the few seconds it lasts.

There were some very nice isolations going on. Maybe consider dancing with the poi/moving with the poi more, going low as well as high (I know you're inside-calling windmills high), and getting some short poi stuff in there- brilliant for cramped space and adding variation. I also liked the colour changing- it was subtle enough not to be too distracting.

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