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Doc Lightning
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Doc Lightning

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Posted:Well it all started off this morning when a really sick baby who has a floppy airway managed to lose his breathing tube.

We couldn't get it back in.

He died.

And that was how the day started. frown

Then I had to go pick up a transport from another hospital. I'm told that the baby's fine and stable on room air and it'll be a milk run. But when I get over there, the history I get is that the baby has bad gastroesophageal reflux, which manifest as "death spells." A death spell is where the baby suddenly looks like he's going to die. They're a bit skeery...

So they fed the baby, stuffed him in the isolette, and off we went in the ambulance...and halfway back to the hospital what should happen guessed it...all the jostling and what-not....he refluxed... and his heart rate dropped. And his O2 saturation dropped...and he went into a full-blown death spell.

So we slapped the baby around, and lifted him up and blew oxygen in his face and turned on the sirens and then a police car escorted us and wow, I felt so damned *important!* And scared as all hell... The baby was fine.

And I got back to learn that our team had taken a new admission, which thankfully isn't *too sick* but is going to involve a fair amount of work.

Oh what a rotten day it was... frown

-Mike )'(
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Posted:*huggles* Love you Mike smile Hopefully should I ever have children a nice doc like you will be there to help them smile


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Posted:Damn... I think the next time I think I'm having a bad day, I'll think "What if I was forced to watch babies DIE?"

And hopefully, that'll stop me pissing and moaning.

hug for the Doc, who's doing such a great job that no selfish person would ever do.

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Posted:*extra squishy hug for doc*hug

don't know what to say that hasn't alredy been said



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at least you saved the one.. ubblove

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Posted:I live with a couple of paramedics who experience those nasty things too, so can sympathize with you doc. But you do an amazing job!! Three cheers for the doc! hug


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Posted:Aww poor doc, here have more hugs hug

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Posted:Too much adrenaline for one day
Take care hug hug hug hug

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Posted:Awww Mike hug must have been awful! You're a brilliant Dr, no mistake about it and you everything in your power to save lives, but you can't save them all, sadly.
The world is such an awful place but people like you give everyone hope for the future hughughug You're a gem and I know everyone here thinks so too! kiss

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Blasphemous Girl
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Blasphemous Girl

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Posted:Wow and i thought my day was bad, have some hugs you sound in need..... hug hug hug hug hug hug

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