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Im looking to buy a Contact Juggling Ball for my boyfriend for christmas.
does anyone one know if there is an average size for a ball because you can get them in different sizes and i havnt a clue wot size to get.
any help would be much appriciated
cheers peace* smile

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Posted:If I understand correctly your buying your boyfriend a Contact Juggling Ball to start learning, in which case you're not looking for the average size ball at all. Most people start with 3.00 inches, which is good for ball rolling tricks and work their way down to a performance ball if they're serious. Not many but some people start with a smaller ball for spinning moves and work their way up to a performance ball.

If you google contact juggling, the first page of hits you should find many websites that have "buying your first ball" FAQs (so to speak).


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Posted:70 - 80mm seems to be the standard beginners acrylic, that or a large (100mm-ish) stage ball, they're better for body rolls etc.

cheers, pete hug

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Posted:i got a nice 3" at a ren. fair. As far as I know for single ball play thats the norm. seems to be the HoP of the contact world. Check it out. NeonHuskey has a good selection of colors for a reasonable price.

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Posted:3" is the standard for do it all. 2.5 is the standard for multiball palm spinning, and 4" is lurvely for body rolling. I want a 4" acrylic for christams :P

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Posted:there's some more info on contact balls in here

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Posted:im a CJer. i would go with a 3''. its a nice all around size ball


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Posted:Haha is down for a week and look what happens,a slight increase of members on HoP who can contact. Alright arner? having withdrawl symptoms? j/k welcome to HoP, its quite cool here....

on topic- 3" or larger is pretty much the only way to go for one ball stuff. the only thing really good about 3" is its versatility as it can be used for multiball too. But bigger ones are very nice too.

I use a 4" stage balls and 3"& 3.5" acrylics.


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Posted:***edit*** -I just saw the date and the word Christmas haha, sorry for that, I just typed in contact juggling and this came up. Hope he liked it. biggrin

I agree, I started with a 3 inch. (80mm) for single ball manipulation and rolls. But if your boyfriend is just starting I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY suggest you get him a practice ball (this is what I got from or HOP.) Dube also has some really nice stuff

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