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Posted:OK guys, any of u lot around Newcastle???

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Posted:Hey, just stumbled across this post. Im at Newcastle uni

been restricted to only using practise poi in my room! (v low ceilings) weavesmiley


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Posted:hey guys just found this post as am trying to find spinners in newcastle (hence the recent post). man- im at newc uni! James youre in leazes right biggrin hahaha. sweet. in 2nd year now and lovin it but sucks uni doesnt have a juggle club or fire nights any more. sorry bout the late reply to this thread but just registered.

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Posted:I've come over to Durham / Newcastle from Calgary, to visit family for Christmas. I fly back on Jan 12th and would love to go firespinning before returning back to the stupidly cold canadian winter.
Is there anyone in Newcastle area who'd be up for a fire night (and possibly let me use their poi)? It would be great to get to know some fire spinners from my home town.

NB- I've been fire spinning and performing for about 5 years, so you can be guaranteed that I will look after any equipment that anyone lets me use, and will not be a liability.

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