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Forums > Meet Others > Lookin for Poi Spinners in cheshire!!!!

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Member Since: 18th Apr 2005
Total posts: 25
Posted:Hey people..

My names john,

i been in to Poi ever since my old manager Thailand, ( named so as he spent 3 years there learning Fire Poi...)

Anyway he got me hucked after 1 lesson lol.... and i been spinnin ever since on and off..

I was looking for some Peope that live in cheshire, or around cheshire that wanna meet up and spin some flames, or chill out with some led's tongue
Am lookin for help also, i got as fare as i can go solo and well need help to get better.

bit about me... Am 23 love music, wont go in to all the bands i like cos that will take all night tongue.......Love motorbikes ( i owe 02 SV650 ) modded alittle tongue,
Love all types of extrem sports,
Also trying to get a Bead Jewelry company off the ground, i make 1 off peaces, from beads from around the world Extra......

Well if anyone wants to meet up or knows of anyone willin to teach poi in cheshire my Email address is:Miney72@hotmail.com

Well Hope to spk to u soon



Carpal \'Tunnel
Location: mancunian
Member Since: 25th Nov 2004
Total posts: 3383
Posted:try here smile its the manchester spinners, which isnt too far if you can travel. there a meet this sunday as well, theyre usually every month.
good luck! and welcome to hop hug

Disclaimer:im not responsible for what i say or do whether it be before,during and after drinking alcoholic substances (owned by BMVC).
Creater of Jenisms(TM)
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former manc tour guide
Location: Manchester
Member Since: 21st Dec 2005
Total posts: 1909
Posted:Welcome to hop
As Jen said above Manchester is fairly close to most parts of cheshire and we have meets fairly regularly, just keep track of them in the events page, would be cool to see you at one soon smile

Owned by the lovely SNOOPoi
Owner of Clarence_Quack


Carpal \'Tunnel

Member Since: 17th Apr 2002
Total posts: 15414
Posted:Have you got one of these?



Member Since: 18th Apr 2005
Total posts: 25
Posted:hi there.. sorry i have not replayed faster i been on trip to New Z and japan but stoped off 1 or 2 places along the way lol Poi is Safe in New z... some really nice people out there some crazy i wanna kill you people 2 but dont think they wanted to spin some fire :-( hehe...

O and Yes i have 1 of them tongue its an Sv650's 2002 bike with 1-2 mods to the eng and body work lol my baby tongue...

Thanx for the invite to the manchester forum.. ill check it out... tongue

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