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I hope somebody can help! i saw some guy put a fire torch into his mouth wih his head back and when he pulled the torch back out he had a flame coming from his mouth. how do you do this??????????????

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can you delete the other thread you made please? smile
Thank you. hug

Are you sure the torch wasnt on fire when he put it in his mouth, and he failed to put it out?

Were you watching when he put the torch in in the first place? wink

Oh hang on!
Sorry, ive just actually read properly what you said.

I have no idea.. sorry.


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Your refering to a class of fire eating 'skills' loosely known as retentions and vapour transfer / ejection techniques, as with all oral fire arts the key to this is exquisite breath control. I perform these occaisionally and have taught them, although I firmly believe these class(s) of oral arts need to be learned in person from someone already 'skilled' in the performance of.

Incidently, your going to find along with all the other health problems associated with fire eating, that retentions, vapour transfer / ejection and teething tend to be rather destructive the dental structure in the long term, and potentially in the short term.

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Yeah, what Marco said. Thats what I call a vapor hold. Its when you put the torch in your mouth, allow some of the vapor to get trapped, remove the torch, and let the vapor continue to burn.

Its a pretty dangerous trick since if you inhale while doing this, youll get a lung full of flames but its always a crowd favorite. Good way to transfer the flame to a non-lit torch.

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Pretty dangerouse is an understatment, if fire gets into the lungs your body sometimes closes them off completly to try and protect itself, only problem with that is you suffocate. (not to mention your lungs are on fire) Are you a fire breather/eater mikeyred or someone who wants to get into it?

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