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Posted:To all those that have made or used flags before. I have been working for a few weeks developing some twirling flags. I am keen to hear what other people have done/used. What material do you use? Have you tried any other materials? What material would you prefer a flag to be made from. What is your colour preference?Cheers
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Posted:yoI have just made my first flag and I used silver larme, it looks and feels like tin-foil, it shimmers in the light and works really well. For my next flags I'm going to an Indian saree shop which has alot of amazing silks, but I think any material that is light and flows will work. Good luck with the flags Malcolm I know they will be a big hit.



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Posted:I've worked with a lot of flag material over the years and about the best over-all, all-conditions results I've gotten is with nylon, using modified windsocks.What I think you should do is try taking the tails off a set of high-performance comet poi, cut a hole in the bottom so it could fit on and over your three-piece firestaff wicks. It could then be held in place with rubber bands or more spiffy a velcro strip.Putting a plastic baggie between the wick and tail fitting would prevent smelly fuel contamination. Skye


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Posted:I use a really thin polyester that looks and feels like silk. It is far more durable than silk, takes a beating and can be laundered very easily, not to mention it is really affordable and when it comes to hemming it all you have to do is run the edge through a candle flame (in a well ventilated area) and the hem is done without adding extra weight. When I want it to look a certain way I paint it myself, either with perma-colors (like water colors but they last longer) or thinned down fabric paint. I use curtain cording with craft wire twisted into it for the "handles". That happens to be cotton or silk. It makes a nice, soft grip but has a really good weight and slight stifness behind it.My favorite set of flags are actually black painted with silver and gold glitter. I made a set for the children at shows to play with out of white which I painted in patchy pastels. I use all different colors of cording in shades bolder than the flag material or paints. I almost always use more subdues colors on the flags because imho too much UV colored fabric can be blinding and detract from a performance.I also custome make and sell flags through the Pryomorph Ren Shoppe that we have at faires. The thing I learned from this is to remember to have different sizes...not everyone can weild big ones and kids really enjoy the flags so I make little one square foot sized flags for them.Hope this helps.------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir...

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Posted:i'm totally stoked to try pele's flags - and can't wait to make some myself. however, if you're looking for the research angle might want to try something like - they're a marchingband supply store that i've been using for years (i used to march and coach both band and guard). you can get flag material and all sorts of nifty ideas - and i use colorguard flag poles for my staff - they are super nice aluminum, and right there, ready to go. they're pretty cheap and available in lots of sizes - perfect if you want to do your own poi at the end and grips and stuff. anyway, might give you some ideas. and a good laugh at some of the goofy outfits.


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