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Posted:Whilst I was staying at Wild Child's house a few weeks ago I saw a purple acrylic contact ball. I forget who owned it but I was wondering if anyone knows where it was purchased. I want to get one for my niece for Christmas.

Thanks for any leads you can give me.


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Posted:I can offer these leads...



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Posted:ha ha ha..... nice one...

I think butterfingers sold coloured contact balls?

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Posted:they sell these at Firetoys

At least, that's the only place I know of... I don't usually shop at Butterfingers...

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Posted:oddballs sell coloured cj balls as well.

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Posted:i got a blue one from firetoys... is pretty, maybe also balls-u-like have some pretty ones....

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Posted:the firetoys site has imploded most likely out of .htaccess / mod rewrite mayhem.

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