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Posted:As i've posted above just a chance to share wisdoms of our life.

1. If theres a issue deal with it don't run away

My aunt was haveing a huge arguement with her brother about her inhertance ( a lot of money ) and she thought the best thing to do would be run away from him .

He tracked her down in the end and she lost a lot cause of more cause of running away.

2. A fool and there and there money are soon parted

Your better off creating wealth instead getting it , once again my aunt just spent and spent on stuff you don't need . She probally wasted over a million dollars.

3.Don't talk about it , just do it

Your better off just doing it after all the more you talk about it the less likey that you'll do it. Dreams are nice but acheivements are better.

4.IF your odd it's not so bad

I remember how much i use to get picked on cause i was odd in school . Obviously i didn't find my circle of friends until a long time after my high school days. I love my circle now.

5. Beleive in yourself

I stated that i was going to win a cross country competion and everybody laughted at me. And i thrashed them by 5 minutes.
(it was a amazing feeling ).

I have other stories about that.

6. Fools rush in

A lot of experience's i've had with lady's ended being bad cause i didn't know there weakness

Love is about acceptance (it's not blind ).

7. Perserverence pays off.

I had so much trouble getting my apprenticeship but i didn't give up . That was over seven years ago and after all the trouble i had i look at the fact im finally on my feet with a house knowing im doing well for myself now ( i got told im a good tradesman on the last job made me feel great ).

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Posted:i always like "everything works out ok in the end, so if its not ok, then its not the end"


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