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Frederick the Reckless
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Posted:i have met too many prima donnas in fire performance, to the point where i feel this statement is necessary. they feel that since they perform with fire, often with all the stage performance of WHITE NOISE, that they are entitled to treat anyone without a regular gig as nobodys, and the audience gets no respect at all, not so much as a bow, or a "thank you."
here's the point i am trying to make: AS PERFORMERS, EVERYTHING WE ARE AND EVERYTHING WE HAVE COMES WITH A DEBT. it is a debt we owe to the audience. we owe it to the people on the drums. we owe it to the person in the DJ booth. we owe it to the person who saw us perform and had the good graces to bring us into their fold by hiring or inviting us to perform for them. it is a debt that we are not done paying until the last memory of who we are and what we do is gone, faded into history. look at elvis. he'll never be done paying. no one will forget the "thank you, thank you very much" with the roguish turn of his lip as he spoke. but if you treat the audience like PVAEMENT to walk all over, never thank the drummers, the dj, or the people that brought you to where you are, you will be forgotten and forgotten quickly. FAME, NO MATTER HOW GREAT OR SMALL, IS FLEETING. never forget that. if fame is not what you're in it for, fine. personally i'm in it for the fun of performing, but fame has come anyway. even if i had no audience, i would still be performing, if only to myself. but i have an audience to please, so i perform to them. i do not use static performance routines, i play TO the crowd, not just IN FRONT of them. i thank them for attending, and call the drummers up to center stage for their rightful bow at the end of the show. i thank the people that brought me in to perform. i never forget. i never will. and neither should any other performer.

Frederick the Reckless,
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