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Posted:Today was yet another very slow day in work. As is the norm on days like this we ended up having a conversation about a stupid topic. I guess we do it just so as not to sit there in silence slowly going mad. We have discussed why belly button fluff in men is always blue, who would you want to be the last person you speak to before you die, the off side rule for football, ..... all kinds of stuff really.

Today the question was

'If you won the Lottery what would be the first thing you would buy with the winnings?'

As I don't play the Lottery it was a bit of a stupid question to ask me but I went with the flow. I said a tightrope rig or some Dura stilts or maybe some powerisers or I'd get some clever person (polarity) to build me an uber exciting LED hula hoop.

They all looked at me, tutted and turned back to the topic of which Manor or Castle they would buy..... I don't see why my choices were any more stupid than buying a huge house/castle that would cost a fortune, be very cold and drafty and probobly eat up all of any winnings you had in fuel bills! At least my choices were fun biggrin

I always end up feeling like the liberal, hippy, sideshow freak when we have chats like these ones.

Ah well!

*le sigh*

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