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Posted:in the era of broadband, something like revver inevitably had to happen. for videos hosted by these guys, you sacrifice some creative control in allowing an ad on your original video, and they throw paypal money at you a tiny bit at a time:

Written by:
Revver supports video creators by helping them earn money and distribute their work widely. By attaching a RevTag to a video, creators track their content anywhere online and make money every time a user clicks on the ad. RevTags benefit creators, advertisers, and viewers by enabling content to be free and accessible while still rewarding creators-- it's the best of both worlds.

still too new for anyone to know if it'll take off just yet, but that's one extra avenue one can consider when producing original work!
..now to export my old video with original music.... smile

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Posted:check out putfile.com 25MB free hosting, you just click and upload no bull shiiit counter uploader prog crap.

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Posted:yes, but you can't download off putfile. It's super annoying. Plus if you don't have the plugin you can't watch it.

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Posted:I see, it is just so much easier to upload video and give the link to people. I see what you are saying about the downloads, especiaslly if your connection is slow. I

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Posted:I'm pretty sure that any video you watch on your pc can be stored locally.

Like when people said to me "why did you do all those videos in flash, so we can't save them" to which the reply was "if you have watched it then it is already stored on your hard drive, you just need to locate it"

Also there was a great bit of software on dyne:bolic which seemed to record any area of your monitor by drawing a box and hitting record.

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