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Posted:Well guys. there is so many different types of threads that sorta tackle this issue and that issue but i reckon that maybe we just have one that possibly just covers them all.

There are so many things going on around us in this world it can get a little crazy and sometimes i find that if you can get i out of your system into a format that allows you to return and read what you've written, sometimes you can pick up on little bits and pieces that you never knew about yourself and you can change how it is you feel about something.

the key to all this though i think is not to think that just becuase your rant is about something that may seem small to others but is huge to you, that it's not important. big things grow from the tiniest seed. it's how you nurture that growth that's important.

anywho....if this thread is needed then it'll take off and hopefully help some people out. if it's not needed it'll just fade away and that will be that. you're all beautiful and i thank the brisbane crew for being such a shining light in so many peoples lives.

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Posted:That, Birgit, and why are they using windows in a lab?? *sighs*

I hope that one gets better... people can be a bit of idiots about computers sometimes!

Often, even....

I'm also not liking it when people overuse words for ridiculous meanings. Like, Nazi. As someone pointed out, the longer a USENET group exists the closer to one the chances of a nazi or hitler comparison being made get... I think thats just true of anywhere on the internet. It seems to be a catchall word for "bad" these days... whats odd is that in america "kosher" has come to mean good in many places....
But I guess my feeling is that maybe we could wait another 50-100 years before turning Nazi into a slang meaning "annoying"? Maybe until after people have died that actually went thru that?

Oh well, no use trying to stop the human language.


ibf, not sure what it was I said to offend other than maybe "don't listen" but if you'll read the reast of my post I was actually being generally complimentary about your thread, intentions, and pointing out that no-one seemed to say they didn't like it per se, just people got messed up in trying to explain the confusion a bit....
I seem to have enetered the NYC land of not being understood because of some unintended sarcasm or such....
anyway I wasn't intending to be harsh and things are slightly non-sequitorious up there, but I don't really think calling me an anal retentive nazi was the right tactic either?? or owd?
And people may really come in and say they actually don't like things sometimes (you should take a look at any thread which deigns to mention football!) so just as fair warning in the future.....

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Posted:I actually had a thread about the use of "nazi" a while ago... I agree that it's probably going to end up as an adjective with a generally bad but poorly defined meaning, though I'm not really happy about it... ah well, nevermind smile

But since when is NYC's sarcasm unintentional??? ubblol *runsandhides*

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Posted:i wasn't refering to you in particular about being anal. like i said. i dont want an arguement in here and you just couldn't help but carry on what should just be dead and buried so i'll just pull it. you are taking things far too personally and litteraly to be objective in any manner. it's honestly just starting to be a bother.

i understand most of what you said and if you read my post i am generalising in most sppots due to just wanting to keep the thread at a level that isn't of petty arguments. now it's come to this. quite silly really.


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Posted:By request....*lock*

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