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Posted:I've been wondering about this for a while but not really said anything.

We now have an "Events, Performances and Gatherings" and a "Meet others" forum. Before the "Meet others" forum was formed, regular meets were put up as threads in the events section such as the Manchester thread and the Clapham thread. That, at the time, was the only place to put them, but should they now not be in the "meet others" forum?

If regular weekly/fortnightly/monthly meets went into the meet others forum the events forum could be used just for special events, shows and large one off gatherings.

The manchester thread I find on the whole is a well run thread with Wild Child/bubble organising and Mint Sauce keeping the first page of the thread up to date with whatever/wherever the next meet will be. It means if you don't want to wade through the whole thread looking for where the regular meets are you can just look at the first post. I think threads like that in the "meet others" forum would make it a whole lot simpler for visitors to the site to know where to go to meet large numbers of other spinners in their area.

I'm not really sure what other way the "meet others" forum would be used, other than to have lots of thread started with new people requesting people in their area to make themselves known. Maybe that was the reason it was started.... I'm not sure.

So I started this thread to find out biggrin

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Posted:Isn't this more of a "Technical" question?

Or should this be moved to "Help".

wink wink wink

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Pirate Pixie Crew Captain
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Posted:I put it in here because I didn't think there was going to be definate one way or the other answer more a discussion as to how HoPpers wanted those forums to be used.

At the moment both forums seem to be used for the purpose of meets.

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Posted:I dunno, I really like your idea cause events etc gets really clogged up and hard to keep track of.....

But There's definetly a use to the newbie shout outs, for those who live in areas without any major meets. Cause there's no more database and all...

I guess if enough people pay some attention it should be possible to run both inside of the meet others forum? That doens't sound too bad... cheers skul, lets see if anyone else agrees....

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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:OK, the idea is this:

Events, Performances and Gatherings: For actual events that happen once, regularly or iregularly. Ideally the first post will be kept updated by the organiser or original poster, if different. However there's nothing we can do to actually make this happen - thread creators need to be proactive.

Meet Others: for people to locate others in thier area. Often these threads lead to events, in which stage a new thread should be created in the Events section. There were a lot of these in the Events section before so we created the Meet Others forum.

Ideally events threads will not degenerate into social chit-chat. However they do. This board is mostly unmoderated in that we do not check every post before it appears on the site so we rely on you, the users, to moderate yourself as much as possible. This board is a very social place, and we love that, but it is up to you, the members, where you place this chat. Personally I'd rather events threads didn't contain so much chat but people like to get excited about events and chat about them.

There was the suggestion that each event thread should have a corresponding thread in Chat, but who would moderate every single post made to determine if it was in the right place? There'd be a lot more over head for us Mods. Moderating HoP's board is nobody's full time job and it easily could be. But then people would have a go about us becoming too controlling and restrictive and I'd be called a power mad Mod with a god complex again. Not that I mind wink

Hope this makes things a bit clearer!


HOP librarian
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Posted:For me Events, Performances and Gatherings are really big sessions from diferent countries, lans and continents and "Meet others" are more local, like countries, town and cities.





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Posted:Dom, you're on holiday and still being a moderating legend...

Hugs and smiles


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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:You could hold a poll and find out if everyone would prefere the 2 forums to be cleaned up and changed a little, something like...

Meet Others thread - use it for poi meets, like manchester meets, liverpool, nottingham and so on - make these threads sticky - then when the meets over the next day someone could delete all the posts except the first one, wich is then changed by the orrgional maker to reflect the next meet location, or miss out a date until its arranged, like mints manchester meet is kept. Also use meet othes for random hoppers to meet other people, but dont make these posts stick so they can disapear if they need too.

Events, Performances and Gatherings - Use that for bigger things like conventions, birthdays, and festivals and things. These dont come up as much as other meets so they odnt need to be sticky, you can just make a new thread when another comes around, so you dont need to search through huge ammounts of pages.

Would take abit of moderation so pointless chit chat posts are deleted, but after a wipe that would be very simple and easy to keep ontop of, since there'd only be a few posts in there anyway.

Just a suggestion ubbidea

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