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Posted:Hey guys! a firend of mine is having a little twirly gahtering!!

here's her message!

Written by:
hey - not sure if any of you would be interested, its not going to be a fancy gathering... and we cant twirl that well... but thought would be a good community thing to get going, if it goes well we may do it on a regular basis over summer.


on St Kilda foreshore  grass area between Stoke House & Sea Baths

Sun, 23rd October 2005, from 7.30pm

BYO sticks & drums if you have them

All welcome

we now return you to your regular programming! juggle hug

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Posted:This was fun! I was in the area and it was definately a good idea to join in. Nice open space, a bit windy though..... and all of that lightning on the horizon!!!

It was great to meet a few more people, keep us posted if you are going to continue this, or if it should join forces with the Alexandra gardens group (just a suggestion, for the sake of meeting more twirlers). smile

Otherwise, I live close to both of them, and I may be forced to take turns umm

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