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Posted:Hello fellow twirlers
You have all been invited by the many local re-enactors group to come and help be part of the celebrations for the new royal baby of our Australian princess: Princess Mary. They will be having lots of festivities through out the day but at 5.30 they will be shooting fire arrows out into the ocean with a big bonfire on the beach with the hope of being followed by some firetwirling smile. I am told there will be big media coverage of this event with nearly every channle coming to shoot it. If you are interested please pm myself and i can pass on Sandy's information who is organsing alot of the vents on that day or just rock up at:

177 Beaconsfield Parade
At 5.30

hope to see u all there!!

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Posted:*runs around in a flurry of complete excitement*

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Posted:yup, i'll be there smile


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