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Posted:Hello all! This is my first post, so if it's in the wrong place, please boot me to the appropriate location. I haven't found anything in the archives that is similar to my question, though..

A very odd thing happened today. See, I was in the living room reading 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire' (I'm a JK fangirl, sue me) and just as I got to the bit about the actual goblet full of fire, my sister noticed something about one of the tealight candles that was burning on the mantlepiece. Instead of soaking up the melted wax through the wick, the little metal bowl full of melted wax had caught fire, and was looking very cool.

Which got me thinking.

Because, if a little metal bowl of molten wax will burn, then presumeably a little metal bowl full of parafin will also burn. And as I was looking up coloured flames in the Home of Poi articles section, I also got thinking that, probably, a little metal bowl full of saltpetre dissolved in meths will burn. And not only that, but it would burn purple.

Does anybody know about doing stuff like this? Or shall I start experimenting, and bid fond farewell to my eyebrows?

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Posted:only after a hot curry the night before LOL


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Posted:YOU do the experiments. YOU put yourself in possible danger. Then give ME all of your information, so that I can try that too. That sounds soooo cool!!!

ubblove Ahhh, purple flame..........

Good luck, let us know biggrin

I love HOT chillies!

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Posted:parraffin... in a bowl...

heating up....

gets very big... and pretty dangerous!

*not from experince obiously*

be careful!

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Potasium Nitrate (saltpeter), mmmmmm.......it's been a while since I've used that stuff, it's on a list of chemicals that I'm in the process of ordering for coloured fire poi,

Yes potasium salts should burn red / purple, as to whether a small bowl of meths with potasium salts will burn red depends mainly on how well the material disolves and remains disolved.

Incidently, I guess every one here knows what saltpeter does when mixed in certain proportions with other chemicals, you might want to look at other salts that are less prone to aggressive chemical decomposition,




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Posted:Don't do it with paraffin, because there are currently 'fire bowls' on sale at garden centres as such... sold with a container of 'fuel gel' that burns longer and cleaner than paraffin smile

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Posted:and, uhh... Dont do it with a plastic bowl, because the bowl melts and the lighter fluid spreads everywhere. redface

Also dont use glass, because the glass will shatter. Umm... Dont ask how i know this.

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Posted:what you're after is a brasier....we used them for our gigs at eden,
basically the ones we used were made out of the bottom of EMPTY(this is very important!!)
gas canisters,y'know the type made of very thick metal,
just with three legs welded on to the bottom.

to buy they're pretty expensive,retailing at approximately 150,but can be made fairly easily.

just take the empty canister to a metal workers and they will cut it in half for you.these containers are ideal as they can withstand the high temperatures.

as for wicking,kevlar if you can afford it or if it's only needed to burn for a short time hessian will suffice.you can also buy fire retardant rope fairly cheaply from most hardware stores(the kind thats used in oil lamps)

hope this is of some help,and good luck with the eyebrows!x


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Posted:I thought about doing floating bowls of fire when I'd spin steel wool on a dock... Thought it would be awesome to have the wool light up some floating fireballs... never had enough time to work it out and try it though =\

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Posted:these have bee orund for ages, get a large metal tin, like a large bean tin....

put a wick in it, like a poi head, and then fill up so the wick is just sticking out nicly, and light it the wick will burn, and draw up the fuel, and it will look ace

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Posted:And as a (very obvious) side note to this, don't carry any bowls of burning fuel around... This dude tried it at this Oedipus fire show at Burning Man as the opening and spilt it ALL OVER his arms.... badbadbad..... But have fun otherwise....


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