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Posted:I started playin around with my stick for flower stick about a year ago ( finger play ). I know its not a new thing, but im just curious if anyone else does it and what can you do with it.

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Posted:Well could be a big boys version of penspinning.

www.fpsc.urli.net is a Finnish forum for pen spinners, and do not forget www.sirkus.urli.net either.


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Posted:you can work it into flower sticking between tricks or while you do propellor in one had twiddle with the other, not like that you dirty minded... seriously though, theres this trick i'm working on with propellor where in between each spin you spin the hanstick 180 in the horizonal plane its so tricky to do it in time and still get a perfect hit on the propellor. I know its not what you asked but something to think about.

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